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Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, Teskey Guesthouse will be the ideal choice! 

Feeling spontaneous, we are ready and waiting to welcome you with or without booking ❤ 
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Double room is 2000 Som, Free breakfast
Single room is 1200 Som, Free breakfast

Direct booking is always cheaper than on BookingCom
We are selling mountain Gas Containers and renting GAS System

We are glad to see you among ours of kind friends and always are ready to help you to make unforgettable memories on times, spending in the Teskey Guesthouse!!!

Establishment has its own unique-modern architect style in Karakol. And it is a quiet family-run homestay offering accommodation in an excellent location directly overlooking the mountains. Guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the Teskey Ala-Too from the balcony of sitting room.
Teskey is a popular Travel Resource in Karakol town - an excellent  place to start. Is a place for visitors offers everything from help with bus timetables and leisure activities in the local area as well as all you need any travel information.

Spring streets of Karakol

Teskey Guesthouse is a perfect rest with family or in a circle of friends 

If you like to be in the center of nature, in a peaceful part of Teskey Ala-Too Range you will love our One Day Hike Tour program. The wildlife is incredible here, the views are breathtaking and amazing! It is scenic, peaceful and calm place.  
And you are completely in the center of nature, enjoying the mountain flowers and complete immersion. This one day hiking trip for those who love the outdoors and being in nature! 

From here our guide will lead you to the valley of the Dragons. From there, a short drive by the river brings you to the valley of flowers where you will see the Wooden House (40 km). In 1961, Gagarin the world's first astronaut, spent his holidays here. Then you will climb the hill where a magnificent view opens up to Issyk-Kul lake and a beautiful waterfall. Here you will have time to relax on the top of the hill while having a picnic and celebrating the end of a marvelous trip and the glories of Jety-Oghuz.

Finally, you will return to Karakol with many unforgettable memories of your tour to Jety-Oghuz.

From the first stop on your journey you will enjoy the beautiful views of the Broken Heart, the massive heart-like rock formations that were sculpted over millions of years by wind and water. You will then see spectacular mountain scenery as you enter into the Red Canyon, which surrounds the Jety-Oghuz river. Here you will find the red massive wall of Jety-Oghuz. They like seven Sail boats in the ocean.

We offer an adventure family day hiking trip, to the most beautiful part of Teskey Ala-Too Range and it is a perfect way to get in better touch with nature. 

You have an unforgettable opportunity to visit one of the most breathtaking scenery and wonder of the astonishing red sandstone cliffs of Jety-Oghuz canyon and the stunningly beautiful Flower Valley - it is certainly worth a visit!


We are looking forward to helping you find your perfect holiday here in Kyrgyzstan. 

The modern interior of home elements is decorated in a traditional style , inspired by the nomadic Kyrgyz people.

An excellent welcome and an excellent stay.  I will help organise your visit and create a memorable stay with us :)
Welcome to be our guest!
With kind regards, Taalai

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